eBay Domination and My Secret Weapon


eBay Domination and My Secret Weapon

on March 1st, 2012 — I did a special webinar. You may have had the pleasure of being on it and were able to get on. It was completely maxed out. To the point where people asked me if I could record it because they couldn’t get in. Well I did record it but it sits in a very special secured place. The reason being is because I respect the guy who showed me the secrets. His name is DJ.
He didn’t want the webinar out to the public because of competition reasons. I don’t blame him. He also uses it as a tool to build his business. Not just for himself but for others. During that webinar, he mentioned he’d take only 10 people and personally do 1 on 1 coaching for FREE depending on their qualifications. Now I have to be honest, not everyone qualifies because some have a urgency desire and others have a dream. The urgency desired ones are the ones that send me emails everyday and ask me, “hey just want to make sure you didn’t forget about me?” Or they call me.

This is pretty cool. You know after 79 registrations on that webinar and we only had 50 seats, I let the one’s that missed  it or show up late watch the recorded webinar for 1 day and then I took down the link per DJ’s request. You want to make sure you get on my list for the next one.

Out of the 40 people that filled out the survey, I have coached now 17 of them in less than a week. I mean I literally called them up, and spent my time for free educating them step by step. Why? Because if they make money on the front end, the backend takes care of itself. So it’s to each other’s benefit to prosper together and duplicate.

So this is what happened:

DJ got overwhelmed with the amount of responses that I decided to take action and help the poor kid out. Did I forget to mention that I met him when he was 17 in a Network Marketing company. Yes, the whiz kid, now 22,  has been doing eBay for the last few years and hasn’t touched a website, branding himself, SEO, nothing! It’s strictly just eBay and some super secret affiliate stuff in the back end.

This project started with me teaching my wife how to do eBay because she was looking for something simple to make money online. Something where she can be on the computer and make money. The sales started coming in, and I knew we were on to something huge.

So back to my story. I coached over 10 people last week. About 16 to be exact are in a special Skype group masterminding and earning money in less than a week.  Here are their comments with excitement:

Now, I want you to stop and think. These folks didn’t have to convince these customers to purchase their products. The customer actually wanted them. Imagine, Chris up there as of today has sold over 5 items from the weekend. And the income increases as his products listings increase. Oh and none of these students had to go to a post office to ship the item :-). Oh this is good stuff.

In the industry from working from home, you have about a 90 day window to get money in people’s pocket, or they are going to quit on ya. Or that autoship cancels on you after all that hard work. That’s not the case here. We are onto something huge. People are doing the work, and seeing the fruits of their labor.

So how do you get access to this training? Like I said, register here and keep an eye out for the next one. I can tell you that you don’t want to be late.


Register the for next webinar!




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Your Privacy is Always Respected!



For those of you that were on the webinar and haven’t received  call, we are almost half way through the first list. Thank you again for your patience. Expect a call from me or DJ this week. And make sure to answer your phone because if you miss the call and we leave a voice message, we’ll be on the next person down the list if we don’t hear back right away. There’s urgency here and we want to respect everyone’s time.


P.S. Doesn’t your family deserve it? You can start earning money right away as soon as today. Hint: Be urgent.

P.S.S. I developed a software that NOBODY has access to but us to automate the grunt work. That software is your eBay business on steroids. I’m making it available for FREE to sweeten the deal on working with us for the first 100 people. 80 spots left.


AT&T vs T-Mobile for Hot Spot

AT&T vs T-Mobile speeds

So some folks are excited to hear that there will not be a merger with the giants AT&T and T-Mobile. It’s not a big deal for me because neither of them pay my bills. Actually that’s incorrect. Because of their Internet service, I’m relying on one of them to keep my Internet connection going at home. Since I make my income from Internet marketing

As some of you may or may not know, I moved the family to the mountains of Valley Center, CA for many reasons. One major reason was the fast pace of city convenience was stressing me out.

So the flip side is Internet connection has been a debating war. You see the only service I get out here is either cellular data or satellite connection. I researched prices and speed rates and Satellite’s service through Hughes Dish is $99 for the fastest speed of 2.0Mbps. I get about 5.5Mbps down and 2Mbps up using my iPhone. Naturally my skills for tech come from a passion of tinkering. Since I have, so I thought, unlimited Internet, I figured it be ok to share the Internet from my iPhone to my home devices. Come to find out from AT&T threats this is not the case. They send me text messages and snail mail to let me know it’s not ok to use the Internet outside your iPhone.

So even though I technically can use the PDANet app to hide my data usage, it’s not a full Internet service because it limits me to not using aweber. It must filter me through a proxy of some sort.

So check out my rig. I tethered my iPhone to my desktop via USB. It treats it like a modem. Then inside Windows 7 I shared that connection with the LAN adapter. The Cat5 cable from LAN goes directly into a WAN port of my Airlink Router. Now all devices in the house can be online. :)! It works but for how long?

Speed snap shot.


To stay in the guidelines of AT&T and T-Mobile, I understand that I have to use their hot spot device. Therefore I bought a Sierra 4G LTE hot spot unlocked off EBay so I can test both TMOBILE and AT&T. CDMA (Verizon or Sprint) doesn’t have a signal out here last time I checked.

I hope some of you mountain livers find value from this post. Going from FIOS 17Mbps to Cellular (3G) 5.5Mbps is a drastic change. I wouldn’t trade living here from where we were at though.
A peace of mind. :).

To the Top,

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. Did you make your fitness new years resolution yet? Mine is to run a 5K with my wife here within 90 days. We are training for it using the Visalus Fit Kit. Check Out Get er done by clickin here.

P.S.S. I’ve used this tool to call my 200 leads in 20minutes and leave a custom voicemail for live and voicemail calls. Get this, I even did a market research for the new city I live in now using it. Go to http://www.webcalldialer.com

Here’s a pic of my 2 younger boys playing outside. They would never play outside in the city. I Love it!



Update: My speeds throttled from 5Mbps to sadly .08Mbps. Big brother AT&T Told Me




YOUR DEAL OF THE DAY (Thank me later)


last night was amazing…

Hello my friends:
Last night’s webinar with Mr. Larry Beacham was amazing.
I like to refer to him as a Affiliate Marketing Guru.
He doesn’t like the word guru. :-). Don’t be shy my friend you are.
I may do another one here shortly because I wasn’t
able to record it. For those that were on it and took advantage of the
training, there were some amazing questions. So I just wanted to
answer them really quick.
1) What was covered? Larry mentioned that he has generated roughly “an
extra” $70,000+ in 2010 on just affiliate marketing. One of those products
was mine and in 24 hours I saw what he did with my product. Sold 122 in

24 hours. Amazing.

2) Biggest hurdles? The problem with affiliate marketing is that

most folks don’t understand the science. Yep, there’s actually a science
formula on how to build your list with a target market. Larry gave an
example of a dog. If you own a dog business and want to build a list of
dog “product buyers” you offer an ebook product that targets dog lovers.Unfortunately, there isn’t many folks that can write creative ad copy to attract their audience.
So Larry gives free examples in his course he put together.
Finally for those folks that take advantage of his course before this
Sunday night January 8th, 2012 12am (Pacific Time) , he is offering
a private 30 minute coaching with the purchase of his product. Look
at all the value you get in the course. Go to my affiliate link here:
Noticed I said “affiliate link”. This is how you get your buyers to take action. This
product will put money in your account today! How do I know that, because
he taught my 6 year old how to generate an extra $500 over the summer of
2010 using just 1 affiliate product. This stuff works.
P.S. I got several emails and text messages saying that what I would recommend in 2012
to get going with generating income with little or no cost. My answer is get going with
Larry’s training because affiliate marketing money still pays me to this day. I get checks
from a webinar software that I haven’t touched for over a year. An extra $300 month
after month isn’t much but it pays some bills. Affiliate marketing pays. Learn it here:

P.S.S. Your bank account deserves a facelift. Pickup Larry’s product above.

A Letter To You From Luke.

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What an amazing 2011 year friends and family. First of all, I like to thank every single one of you for just being you and thinking about us. You’re amazing and in our hearts. We are wishing you the very best that God has to offer. Most importantly we are grateful for having you in our life.

So where do I begin? As you know I was born May 9th, 2011 at Palomar Hospital in Escondido, CA. The first of my 2 brothers to be born at Palomar. This is also where both of my parents were born. Being in the amniotic fluid for so long, I was able to hear and study my soon to be family. I come to find out that I have the best qualities of both my brothers and I balance them out. Lets start with Cesar Antonio. He’s creative and always inventing stuff. He’s also very emotional, so be very careful of his feelings. No joke, he has a new idea every minute. Now my other brother Adam David is something else. He’s also very creative and likes to build things with Legos. He also loves to dance like nobody is watching and is a comedian. He’s more of a hands on type of guy and I see him bringing new Lego creations to my dad. He can also be in my face at times and a bit rough on me (just wait until I grow up). I have this cool jumper where I just jump away and smile at the world so they can see my chunky legs go to work.

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Dad most of the mornings and afternoons since he chooses to work from home. I’m not quite sure what he does on the computer, but he’s also very creative and constantly shooting videos and writing blogs. I think I heard him mention that it’s called online marketing. He chose to close down his computer service repair company after 5 years of service because of his focus to create an online business so he can spend more time with us and generate income no matter where we live. I can hear him late at night cranking on the keys and I know he’s up to something big. I love my dad and want to be just like him when I grow up. He continues to DJ as a get away for relaxation and last I heard he’s been doing it for 16 strong years. That’s probably where I get my dancing moves from. You should see him pick me up and dance, I just smile away. He tried retiring 3 times from DJing this year, but his clients tend to find him to continue. Dad is not allergic to money so he can’t refuse.

Now, my beautiful mom is amazing! She also works very hard at making sure we are all taken care of. Not only does she care for us when she gets home from her teaching job, but she also has to put up with 30 other children at school. They gave her another 10 kids to add to her already busy schedule. Dad is working on adjusting our lifestyle to accommodate mom to be home with us full-time.

Mom and Dad put on some weight from my doing :-(. So they got on the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge and in their 1st 30 days lost over 20lbs each. I’m so proud of them! They were completely inspired by my uncle Juan who went from 260lbs to 190lbs. A lesson to note is, if you don’t have your health in alignment, nothing else fits. Mom and Dad’s next 90 Day Challenge is to run a 5K. Make sure to cheer them on!

Finally, we are in the process of living a simpler life without the collection of extra stuff. Dad has been selling off a lot of stuff on eBay to make clearing for our new life together. He’s learning to let go of holding on to everything. I’m proud of him for this change. As I type this, we are in the process of moving to Valley Center, CA to be closer to family. The city life is too convenient for dad and mom and being out in the country will allow Dad to clear his thoughts and live in peace from the city noise. He’s enjoying the art of blogging more and has plans for new innovations are in the works. Stay tuned to his blog at CesarRamirez.com.

That is all for now my friends and family. You deserve to come visit me. I just want to leave you with a smile and a quote I just invented. “Don’t let the material things of life get in the way of your happiness. The most important element that life has to offer is your time. If you’re not in control of it, somebody else is. Live life to the fullest.”

Love always,

Luke Daniel Ramirez (7 months)







Here is me again jumping on my jumper!

Kenny Brooks – Advanage Wonder Cleaner door to door salesman rocks!

[NSFW – Language] Kenny Brooks is working on his comedy career by selling Advanage Wonder Cleaner door to door. His short simple jokes are quick and make his potential customers laugh. Kenny could sell binoculars to blind people. Unfortunately Advanage Wonder Cleaner was a popular scam last year and the company would empty bank accounts and use fake names. The video is a year old and just going viral now because of his incredible sales skills.