What’s The Big Deal About Water From Tlacote Mexico? Active Hydrogen, of Course!

It is reported that Magic Johnson traveled to Tlacote, Mexico for water for medicinal purposes and later had it shipped directly to him in the U.S.  Fortunately for Magic he discovered Kangen Water and is now able to produce his own FRESH active hydrogen water in the comfort of his own home.

Magic Johnson took a proactive and holistic approach to his AIDS problem.  Whatever he’s been doing, it’s obviously worked well for him.   Over 20 years since his AIDS diagnosis and still going strong!  Go Magic!  Go Kangen!

Over 40 years ago a group of Japanese scientist set out to study “miracle waters” from around the world (including Tlacote, Mexico).   They found that the properties of these waters CAN be scientifically engineered so they began producing active hydrogen, restructured water and installed these powerful water ionizers in their hospitals in Japan.  Today, these medical grade devices are available for home use and the health benefits of those drinking Kangen water are nothing short of “miraculous”.

I’ll bet you couldn’t pry Kangen water away from Magic Johnson, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Jillian Michael’s, Martha Stewart, or anybody else fortunate enough to be drinking this water.   Nothing would make me give mine up!

What about you?  Will you travel to Tlacote, Mexico or will you opt for an endless supply of active hydrogen, miracle water in your own home?  That should be a no-brainer for you.  It was for me when I saw what the water did over 10 years ago to my son Adam when he was dealing with a health issue. I’ll be happy to share the story offline during a phone call… just ask!



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Cesar Ramirez

The Balance of Life in an Online Business

It truly takes an out of the box thinker to be able do what I have done. My journey will be briefly summed up below and I hope it inspires someone out there chasing that all mighty dollar to riches.

When I was in college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo studying for my Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering, I knew that soon after graduation, I’d have to start living a life of joining the working class American. If you have heard my story before, you would have known that after working 4 summer internships with Hewlett-Packard (Mountain View, CA and San Diego, CA)  and one of those internships over at Xerox in Los Angeles I was left with a cancelled job offer upon graduation. It was not fun and dating my wife Xochitl at the time, my dreams crumbled. It wasn’t easy finding work without the proper connections and building those trusting relationships.

So I went rogue. I dove into the world of Network Marketing in 2001 to truly learn real world experiences of being rejected in sales and understanding how to build myself up for objections. For those that can build a genuine attitude in the industry of network marketing, you can absolutely succeed. I took a lot of education in network marketing and brought it to all the jobs and businesses I built over the years.

There is one misleading portion that should be clear when you run any business. If you don’t build a passive income business, the business will run you. We see it with people who own restaurants where the business doesn’t grow outside of the family business. It won’t ever scale and unless you’re willing to let go of control, it won’t scale out of your hands. What exactly do I mean? You’re running a business like a job. Yep like a job! The moment you stop showing up, the business stops generating money / processing orders. Now don’t get me wrong, it takes a very special recruiter to find someone to treat your business like theirs. A very special person. We are living in a push button society where folks just don’t hustle like they use to.

After not having much success in several passive businesses, I knew what I had was I was highly motivated. In 2009, I went heavy into learning how to market on the internet without sounding like a robot. How to essentially be a magnet where people want to join you instead of you chasing them. This concept known as Attraction Marketing absolutely changed the game for me. In 2010, I was able to link up with some top online marketers who had lists bigger than mine and people that trusted them. We did what’s known as Junior Venturing (JVed) to be able to sell and scale up a course I developed to help folks get traffic to their website. After generating over $35,000 in commissions on this product I knew there was a need for education. Being super techy, I found my niche of helping the average Joe.

In 2011, after applying the strategies to my Network Marketing companies I was involved in, my wife Xochitl was looking for something to do online. So I found Drop-shipping to be a great place to start. I moved into teaching her how to drop-ship but at the same time I saw value in teaching those how to go sell items they would enjoy online. At first I gave the training to my list for free for them joining me in a network marketing company and then eventually turned the system to what it is known today as EliteDropShippers.com  The concept helped so many people that we trained just shy of 800 people. The video modules are broken down from new members to more advanced members.  Additionally, some folks I trained on how to build their own branded store outside of dropshipping from eBay / Amazon so that they can keep the 12%+ commissions that these sites were taking from them.

In 2015, I got a call that forever changed my life. It was in a way of walking closer to my faith life and I answered the Lord’s call to move into a different direction of having passion to help build my wife on her next business to allow her to still work from home and be with the kids. It had to be this way as we have been home schooling them. We launched an ecommerce store and that store has kept us busy since then. The nice thing is that it’s a physical product niche so we’re not just sitting in our chairs all day on the computer. This business has been alive and well still growing in love. She found something that she enjoys doing and I support her in that. Needless to say, she triples what she use to bring home as a first grade teacher in California. Amazing right? We definitely need to take care of our teachers more.

Now in 2019 – I find myself reinventing myself of what is working now in marketing. The key thing is staying plugged in. It is said that content marketing daily will produce you traffic within 48 hours. Therefore, learn to enjoy and blog your heart out. I actually enjoy writing topics like these because of my personal experience. Ultimately, you will always do better on things you can get excited about.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with having a job. I see a lot of marketers out there knocking on jobs, but if it wasn’t for our jobs in the past, we wouldn’t have been able to fund our next business venture without getting into heavy debt. I think if you invest $1000 and you are getting a return in your investment within 3 months or less, re-evaluate your time/process and either continue investing or move away from what you’re currently investing your time in.

Side note: By no means am I a professional writer, so forgive me, I do my best to bring quality content to my readers. Stay strong in your Plan A… Plan B… or C. Commitment is key. Consider spending 1…2 hours a day on your business part-time connecting with customers who have interest.

To your success,

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. If you still haven’t found a method to build up wealth, here’s a cool project that I’ve been a part of since 2013 silently. It has survived the test of time and at the end of the day, it’s a business that can truly build from your cell phone without having to chase your family or friends (unless you want to of course). [Click Here]

P.S.S. If you’re stuck on how to automate your online marketing efforts, let’s do a quick 15 minute discovery call so I can maybe assist you on growing your currently opportunity. If I cannot help, no big deal, let’s stay connected. Click here so I understand what areas of help you need assistance.

Black Friday Nightmare? How to give thanks without extra plastic…

Hello friend,
Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber. I appreciate hearing from each and everyone of you.
Let me know how life has treated you. The good and the bad as that is what makes you an experienced person.
If there’s an area of Internet Marketing that you’re looking to grow in, I am currently building a training center to help the new and the old on how to scale up their WordPress Blog, E-Commerce Store (Woocommerce), and receiving traffic to it to build a long term business…

Thanksgiving Dinner to come tomorrow… Black Friday is upon us.

Is it just me or are you also tired?

Things are either not as good as you planned so you are working harder to get there or they are better than you planned and you’re afraid of going backwards…soooo you work even harder.


Do we really work this hard, this long, this distractedly, this relentlessly for silicon and plastic that we’ll discard in 12 months?

And then give up what’s supposed to be our holiday down time to camp out, stand in line, and literally fight with other tired human beings to save a few bucks on those plastic and silicon gizmos?

*NOTE: If you’re still making payments on a credit card for a gizmo you bought and have since thrown, given, or stored away only to be thrown away later, please stay home Friday…and don’t shop online, either. You’ve missed the point.

Why do we let spending time with family – the ones we supposedly “do all of this for” – stress us out?

If you don’t know how to bake a turkey, go take a cooking class or watch more YouTube videos…or serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pair it with a nice chardonnay or maybe even a bold Merlot to counteract the sweetness in the jelly and relax.

You think I’m kidding…don’t kid yourself about my not kidding.

Life’s too short to take seriously, and none of us are getting out alive.

So bust out the Peter Pan and the Two Buck Chuck, throw on some sweat pants or pajamas or get all gussied up if that brings a smile to your face, then relax and give thanks.

Start today and go all the way through to the New Year.

Then get REALLY crazy and do it throughout next year.

If anyone asks, tell them you have a note from your internet marketing sales coach that you can relax over the next 5+ weeks because you’re not going to be George Jetson on the treadmill any longer.

Now go relax.


Goodbye Mark Hoverson…

Hello Friends,

It’s been a minute. I know. Bare with me I’m sorry to have to be a stranger online. Frankly my wife and I have been slammed with our e-commerce business and homeschooling the boys. Additionally, I’ve been through a lot in the last 3 years. We’ll get back to me in a follow up email later.

In 2010, I met a dear friend, Mark Hoverson at a Jeffery Combs event — More Heart Than Talent. I felt an instant connection with Mark Hoverson. We were never in a company together but he was always a friend and a mentor to me online and off.

Mark and me in 2011 at a Las Vegas Marketing Event

I can text or call him to ask for business advice and as I attended many of his webinars, I noticed something awesome that nobody was doing. He was drawing on the screen like a 5 year old. I sat there and was thinking to myself, why is this guy drawing? Later on he shared with me the book (The Back of The Napkin by Dan Roam) that made him draw and the purpose of that drawing lead to my next point. He was always giving a lot of himself. Shared so much value that I felt like I owed him at least this….

In October of 2017, because I had Mark Hoverson on my cell phone saved, he showed up on my Snapchat Feed. I was in shocked on how skinny he had gotten. I had no idea he had a very unique cancer. He was given 4-6 weeks to live and ended up living an additional 4 years.

Support his family here: http://cesarramirez.com/markhoversonGoFundMe

Mark’s heart was unique. He loved the industry of helping people hit their maximum potential. His heart was in the right place and hundreds and thousands of people came across Mark Hoverson online one way or another.

I’m reaching out to you in the kindness of supporting his family he left behind on their medical bills. He left a very unique video that I haven’t seen anyone with cancer leave behind. He left you and me a message. That message can be found on his GoFundMe page (http://cesarramirez.com/markhoversonGoFundMe).

When I spoke to Mark last, he and I had an awesome phone conversation. He was more concerned about my well being of achieving greatness than he was discussing his cancer. As a matter of fact he called it his “little sickness.” In my opinion he lived a fullness of life with his business and family.
I’ll miss you Mark. My heart aches but know you’re a lover of Jesus Christ and you’re in a place of no suffering.
It’s good to be writing again old friend, I hope you haven’t given up on me quite yet my friend…

Chat soon,

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. Please support The Hoverson family. Mark Hoverson? was a dear friend I met back in 2010 in Dallas, Texas at a business networking event. He left behind his beautiful wife and 4 children. Cancer bills as you can image are astronomical. Thank you and any little bit helps to get closer to their goal! Support his family here: http://cesarramirez.com/markhoversonGoFundMe

Maui Vacation 2017 Doing It Right on a Budget

Hello my friends,

You either stumbled upon this post during a Google search or you are one of our faithful followers on our list. You can subscribe at anytime in one of the boxes on this page or far down on the page.

So here’s my Maui story. Can you believe I, Cesar Ramirez, finally turned the big 4 0. Yeah, forty years old and I can’t even tell you that I feel any different, but I can tell you that I have yet many goals to accomplish. It all started in early summer of June 2017. I was planning a 40th birthday party in a local winery that I formally DJ at called The Temecula Coach House for my family and friends. I thought it’d be nice to get family and friends over to celebrate a pretty huge year. It may even be called over the hump for some. Then I realized that I may not spend the quality of time I wish to with my 3 sons and wife…

So during a snapchat session, I was watching a couple in June 2017 that were posting sunset videos of Maui, Hawaii. And I was like, wow, that would be awesome. I asked the snapchatter, hey when is a good time to start planning a vacation like this? He said 5 to 6 months ahead of time. And at that moment I realized, that’s it!!! December 8th is my 40th and 6 months from now I will be prepared to pay this trip off :-). I shopped around different sites and came across package deals from Costco, Travel sites and so on and I found that it would be good to break down my reasoning for not picking an all-in-one package.

#1 – Hotel – AirBNB – Why? Because I have a family of 5 and the 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment we got is amazingly big compare to hotel space. It has a full size fridge and we stored food we cooked with for the week. Saving big money on not eating out. – 7 Days costs us just around $1100 for stay and about $400 in groceries.
#2 – Car to get around – Since I have a lot of points with Avis, I decided to take advantage of this and I got to save about $350 renting a van for a family of 5. You may not need such a big space.
#3 – Flights – I went through AAA since I have a membership and the flights cost us just below $450 each. Total = $2250

Costco Price= $5500   | Me shopping around price= $3700.
#4 – Paid Events to do with the kids and wifey – broken down below (I avoided Time share activities since I value my time.) There we paid a small amount more to dictate our vacation our way.

We left Saturday morning at 6am from San Diego and had a 1 hour layover in Los Angeles (LAX). We arrived in Maui 5 hours later. Remember Hawaii Time goes back 2 hours. So set your clock back if you’re coming from California 2 hours or more if you’re coming from elsewhere.

Sunday Day: We are devout practicing Catholics so we attended early morning Mass at Christ The King Catholic Church.


Christ The King Church Maui, HI

Christ The King Church Maui, HI


Christ The King Church Maui, HI

Christ The King Church Maui, HI

Christ The King Church Maui, HI Ramirez Family

Christ The King Church Maui, HI Ramirez Family




























The first event we did after our car rental and checking into our hotel was the Maui Aquarium. Since you’re on an Island, I recommend educating yourself on the sea life around you. They have a 15% discount if you buy your tickets online. We ended up buying and booking there on the spot. Remember, it’s not what you make but what you keep. We really enjoyed this show and I recommend getting the audio commentary so that you know the history of what is what. A great spot to take pictures next to the yachts and boats.

My sister Veronica assisted with some of the must do places. I will cover these in a few… Thanks sis!

So I have a friend who I’ve known since 6th grade. She was someone who I actually had a crush in for all of my middle school years. That’s besides the point but she knows Maui, Hawaii and I decided to ping her on Facebook because she’s a great friend. Chantelle is awesome and recommended some great spots… accept this one. She didn’t recommend the Road to Hana. We actually had 2 people tell us they didn’t but we did it with fashion. There’s an app called The Gypsy Guide of the Road to Hana. I highly recommend spending the $5 and getting it from the app store. You learn the history and the travels to the Road to Hana. Here are some of our pictures from this amazing trip… And yes, planning ahead by reading this post is key to winning a bad ass trip to Maui….


Don’t these pictures look like a fake backdrop? Seriously though!

Ok so enough with this awesomeness. I absolutely unequivocally believe you deserve the best. And YOU do.

Xochilt, myself, Lil Cesar, Adam, and Luke believe it also!

When you’re spending time in Paradise. Oh my goodness, time just suddenly stops and calls for you. Why would you have it any different?




We visited Our Lady of Guadalupe on her Feast Day Dec 12th. It’s amazing that Maui’s Catholic Church honors her appearance in Mexico in the 1500s. Respect!

You must try the Gelato on Front Steet! We also Enjoyed the Pizza!



More to come stay tune…