Author: Cesar Ramirez

Cesar Ramirez is an Online Marketing Coach specializing in Massive Lead Generation for the Network Marketing Industry. He has been able to create a full-time income for himself and his wife and create a residual income month after month. You deserve to learn the techniques and tools that he has used to get him to where he's at today. Start by filling out the red box form here ->

The 2020 Challenge For All

Hello Fam, It’s been a minute since I’ve shared my life on my blog. What brings me back here as always is that social media isn’t a place you own. More so now in 2020 where major sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have been filtering out your posts with “Fact Checkers.” So much for […]

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My Biggest Regret

My biggest regret:   This post is to inspire other men and woman to support those men and woman to deny the decision of ANY FORM of contraception…   8 years ago I got a vasectomy due to some peer pressure from close friends and you can say it is what society teaches if you […]

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What’s The Big Deal About Water From Tlacote Mexico? Active Hydrogen, of Course!

It is reported that Magic Johnson traveled to Tlacote, Mexico for water for medicinal purposes and later had it shipped directly to him in the U.S.  Fortunately for Magic he discovered Kangen Water and is now able to produce his own FRESH active hydrogen water in the comfort of his own home. Magic Johnson took a proactive and holistic […]

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The Balance of Life in an Online Business

It truly takes an out of the box thinker to be able do what I have done. My journey will be briefly summed up below and I hope it inspires someone out there chasing that all mighty dollar to riches. When I was in college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo studying for my Bachelors […]

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Black Friday Nightmare? How to give thanks without extra plastic…

Hello friend, Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber. I appreciate hearing from each and everyone of you. Let me know how life has treated you. The good and the bad as that is what makes you an experienced person. If there’s an area of Internet Marketing that you’re looking to grow in, I am currently building […]

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