ES 005: Interviewing a Million Dollar a Month Man on FBA Sales

ES 005: Interviewing a Million Dollar a Month Man on FBA Sales

In today’s Episode, I am bringing out
Mike Collins. Mike coached the Gillman’s on Amazon
FBA and how to private label. So this will be a
continuation for those that like to take their
e-commerce business to the next level by building a
brand name and selling that brand name for high

I was introduced to Mike by the Gillmans
and received a screenshot of one of his student’s account
that shows they produced $1 million in 1 month. Now
total disclaimer here, you may or may not achieve that
much from your eCommerce Sales.

This information is for educational purposes only
on what is possible.

Mike’s Amazon Course and Team Can be Found at

Cesar Ramirez

ES 004: Gillmoney’s Story of how they went to full-time work at home parents

ES 004: Gillmoney’s Story of how they went to fulltime work at home parents

In Q4 of 2014, my wife Xochitl and I had the pleasure of reaching out to YouTubers Dave and Sarah Gillman.

They run a channel called Gillmoney and I really like their humble approach of reaching out and helping others. They are the great example of giving 80% free value. Maybe they offer more free value than 80% but what it comes down to is that they have helped us get excited in growing our eCommerce business finding goods offline as well as online through Alibaba and selling on Amazon. We took a lot of our online only drop shipping business of and started teaching what we learned of FBA to those folks on our team. We offer our own training there at EDS and we cover both selling on eBay as well as Amazon (For our advanced members)

Enjoy this episode of Embedded Strategies with the Gillmans.

Gillmoney Course – – How they’re making 6 figures+  a month.

Cesar Ramirez


ES 003: Justin Christianson from

ES 003: Justin Christianson from

From losing over 40lbs, quitting alcohol substance abuse and just focusing on his core values of
success, Justin is definitely someone you deserve to surround yourself with.

Justin is somebody that I met back in 2010 at an Internet Marketing Convention
in Las Vegas. I heard him speak and I knew that he was being a genuine real person.
I had reached out to him on Facebook and we got connected and became good friends over
the years. He shared with me nuggets that have helped me not just in my Internet Marketing,
Network Marketing, but traditional businesses as well. I still apply these techniques today
that have allowed me generate quality leads for my businesses.

Connect with Justin:

You can get more information his company at


Book recommended by Justin: (The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson)

ES 002: Ray Higdon 2017 Episode 2 Invest Learn Teach Podcast

Ray Higdon 2017

This is Episode 2 of the Embedded Strategies Podcast. The gentleman I’m about to bring out is someone who took the saying of  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”
into fruition for me.

That’s right Mr. Ray Higdon is a leader that came out and served from the back of all of his people on his team in a Network Marketing company he and I were a part of in 2010. He saw that I was putting people into his organization through my Craigslist marketing and he wanted me to come out and teach his team. It’s because of this connection that I was able to create a product that helped hundreds of people change their marketing strategies to attract local folks in their business from Craigslist.

Today I’m bringing out Ray to have him share the story of how he became a success and to understand that you can make yourself available if you attract humble leaders into your business. He is the husband of the beautiful Jessica Higdon who I had in my first Podcast.

Disclaimer: This is my affiliate link for Ray’s First 90s Day’s in Network Marketing. These purchases assist you in business and assist me in funding these podcasts and bringing out these great leaders.

Buy here:


Using Advanced Search on Facebook Method Tips

Advanced Search on Facebook


In today’s tip, I’m going to show you what is working now in 2017 for Advanced Search on Facebook. At first I thought I would have needed an extra piece of software to be able to do this search but as it turns out, I didn’t have to. A simple creative thought of search in the example “Catholics in Temecula” will display a search of actual Facebook members with that search criteria. This will work for pretty much any subject and topic

Facebook has changed a lot of their methods over the years. As technology changes, this search tool may change as well so please don’t take it as it will work in the future, I am constantly contacting Dime IT support in Cumming, GA because I’m always very confused with all the changes. But as of January 21st, 2017 this information is still valid.

Feel free to share your thoughts below on how you do your Advanced Searches on Facebook and let me know if these tips help.