How to attract goodness to your life

“The quest for manifistation daily. How to attract goodness to your life.”

If you want to be successful, you have to know how to attract goodness into your life. You can have it, if you believe…

I personally find positive quotes a quick way to elevate our thoughts. There is nothing like a good book of loving, motivational quotes to have around, to grab one quote and let it bring us to a more positive state at any time.

Below are the list of my suggestions, along with some of my friends, who’s currently enjoying a very successful life:

   1. Be aware of your thoughts. If you think, lately you’ve been thinking of problems and how to solve it…Try thinking of something that made your day, and meditate on it 🙂
   2. Realize your negative thoughts.    Always remember that negative thoughts trigger negative emotions.  If you have so much fear, jealousy, worry, anger, and many more, points at something going on that doesn’t match with what you actually want or are.

   3. Change your negative thoughts for positive ones. You can only think of one thing at a time, so if you think about something positive, there is no room for negativity.

  No one else will help you in controlling whatever should consume your thought.   You can always be supportive of yourself and take the necessary steps of positive thinking…You don’t carry the world upon your shoulders, so don’t dare pretend you can carry heavy burdens at all times…There are times that it does not seem so easy to get rid of negative thoughts, especially if you think you have a large problem.
But at the end of the day,it’s always up to you…Everything you feed your mind is always up to you. When we feel down our mind just tricks us to think that it is much more difficult than it actually is.
We need to acknowledge when we feel overwhelmed. If the circumstances are just “too much”, let them be for a while and focus on living in the present you are in. Come back to your issues when you are ready to deal with them.

 4. Take some time to be with friends, and love ones and just unwind in a cozy place, where all you will do is reminisce of good memories.
 5. Do something different, something you will feel so worth of your existence. Help a fund raising for poor people.
 6. Read books, sing out loud, dance to your favorite tune and exercise at home…Keep yourself busy.
 7. Get rid of anything or anyone that is causing you too much problem and issues in life.
 8.  Pray a lot…and ask for guidance. Always be thankful in everything, and enjoy little things to greater things.
9. Forgive and forgive. Move on and Let go, were necessary factor to live a happy life.
10. Eat healthy and live life to the fullest.

There are really lot’s of list to have a healthy, and wealthy life. But if you don’t try to start changing your thoughts, and facing life with positive attitude, then you will only go back to feeling in the dumps, as what you thought you were. If you want something, believe that you can get it. But of course, positive thoughts and attitude, is one great key to success, you gotta keep it in mind and in your heart.