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A Clear Defined Goal

I don’t know if you have ever been here before but I made a promise to the world to retire my wife Xochitl by 2013.

She worked 6+ years for the USA educational system. She was fed up and tired. Burnt out from the cut in pay, politics, and added stress of more students to babysit on false promises of parents being lazy. Parents are lazy to take action to support their children. They expect it all to end inside the classroom. Shame on you if you are that parent.

It wasn’t until Dec 15th, 2011 when we moved to the mountains. We disconnected from “The Matrix”. The fast life. Fast food. We found our true meaning as lovers, parents, and spirituality.

A business friend, who I met in 2007 in an MLM, was rocking his non-mlm digital biz. I reached out to him and he had shown my wife a system of copying and pasting.

By March 1st, 2012 I had to share it (opened it to my students first). It was as clear as day. This system was going to change the way non-recruiters of MLM will earn money. I was so passionate about it (still am) that i developed an “automated” software to seriously spit out money quicker. The co-founders and I labeled us as “The eDiamond Club.” Today we have blessed over 125+ serious work at home moms and dads.

June 1st, 2012 I felt comfortable saying to my wife. You are now full time stay at home mommy. I gave her a gift she ha always been wanting but I couldn’t afford – Diamond Earrings.

We will stop at Nothing to create hope for your family. You have to stay committed. Laser focused until you grow your business to at least $10,000 a month.

Xochitl is only 29 and is retired. Who said you have to be 60-65? Your retirement 401k became sadly a 101k. If you are coach able, you will love what we do.

We’ll show you residual income through leveraging free education and marketing and not having to recruit or pickup the phone.

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Cesar and Xochitl


Isn’t Xochitl beautiful? Xochitl means Goddess of Love (Flower in Aztec Calendar).
I’m not going to argue with that symbolic meaning. She’s truly a blessing and
worth fighting for.

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Cesar and Xochitl Ramirez

The Importance of Branding YOU

Hello my friend

Your awesome friend Cesar Ramirez here. Many folks have dreams of having a successful business on the internet so that they can essentially move anywhere in the world and still have that business through the internet. Just imagine, you have lived in a certain area all your life and you just want to pack up and be anywhere your heart desires with cash flow still coming in. Very few people understand cashflow. Let me paint you a picture. Wouldn’t you like to get paid on work you did 5…10…or even 20 years ago? It’s not a pie in the sky. This is called residual income (mailbox money). Money that you don’t have to go chasing for month after month. Just like in the insurance industry, you can build that book of business. Here’s another example of a business I started in July 2014 and still pays me month after month. [Click Here]

The question is, what is your passion? Can you build or work a vehicle (homebased business) so that you can work on your passions after?

From my years in the people industry, I have come to the conclusion that many of us stop dreaming at the age of 25. This is around the time you have either been beaten up by your peers at your job or just out of college and you still cannot find a job. So what do you do? Like my great friend and mentor Mr. Jim Rohn use to say, you work harder on yourself than you do at your job. Personal Development. 10 pages of a good book a day, and 15 minutes of a great audio book a day.

Here’s a recommendation that got my wife Xochitl and I started as a great foundation. Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge:


Audio Book:

That book changed my life.

The entrepreneur spirit is inside you. You just have to step back and look at your life from the age of 5 to the age of 15. What were your dreams? Dig deeper and put them down on a large poster board so you can open up that dream machine again.

Allowing yourself to put some part-time in working for yourself is a process. Go get a mirror or go to the bathroom and look at yourself. Tell yourself: I love you “your name”, and we are going to work together today on me because I know that if I work harder on me, I can influence others through my actions and words.

The beauty of working for yourself is all because you can manage your time. You are your only boss that would be your client. You set yourself clear defined financial goals of course. However, we first need to know the importance of branding ourselves online, if we do wish to have a successful online business.

First and foremost, it starts with affirmations and belief in yourself (every morning you wake up) as in the example above. If you are not willing to take the risk of taking chances, then you will have a slow growth, if any, in achieving anything at all in the entrepreneur world.

Secondly, writing an article with passion on a blog or eArticle sites. You have to write something out of your interest to attract like minded thinkers. The art of the pen is not a lost art, nor is it an esoteric preserve left only to the offbeat or intellectual. It is a vital part of living in a textual world, however much we have come to view our civilization as somehow more audio-visual than in the past. If you want to learn more about writing an article out of your own interest, start reading books, articles, news out of your own interest. Get ideas from there…then, start practicing your own ideas.

Lastly, it is indeed important to know the art of Video Marketing with your face in front as you noticed in [this example]. That website still brings me hundreds and thousands of dollars for something I did once. Viewers need to make sure that you are not a scammer/spammer. You are building that trust. Showing your face on the video and being professional wearing decent clothes and approach that would surely win customers from your list of targets.

Yours in Success,

Cesar Ramirez
Skype: cesar8ramirez