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If you know me, you know I love technology. As a matter of fact, you quickly become an information booth amongst your closest friends (or at least they try to keep you close for the knowledge). It’s one of the main reasons why I started my own service company to service local and online computer folks with infected PCs.

With that being said, I really truly enjoy this computer store. I can find any part I need on the cheap. Typically 50-100 cheaper then anywhere else because they refurbish the parts like new. I’m ok with that. I go through parts like a I go through shoes, so I have no problem changing them out when I need to.

Below you will find a link to how you can browse the parts and accessories to sleek out and improve your computer

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I was referred to Vimeo.com Video service by a mentor of mine who put his video up on Vimeo from my MLM company. I got excited because the length of videos were more than YouTube’s cap rate of 10min a video. Therefore, I paid the $60 yearly fee for uploading a lot of videos. I requested my money back and they said no because I didn’t read their fine print.

I do a lot of video training so Vimeo appeared to be perfect. Well Vimeo sent me a warning stating that I was violating terms of service because my content contained advertising for business. I was shocked. Considering my upline was using it.

They specifically state “you may not upload videos pertaining to Multi Level Marketing (MLM), get rich quick, cash gifting, work from home business, or any other dubious money making ventures.” There you have it. I took a referral from someone and I didn’t read the fine print. It was definitely my bad but hold up here… Why is Vimeo hating on MLMs? Not all MLMs are legit, which I understand and some do get shut down, but don’t knock the whole industry. The concept of MLM’s are no different than any traditional brick and mortar business. Ok sure, you got employees instead of reps. You won’t get rich unless you duplicate yourself. At a job you get paid what they think you are worth. Sure it takes a new mindset for the MLM industry, but it’s the only industry I know you can get passionate about to empower others, get paid for it, and build freedom. If an employee steals from your business, it gets emotional. Sometimes he/she can become a competitor to your business. In MLM’s there is no stealing. It’s called leverage so you can duplicate. They should seriously teach MLM education in schools. It’d get those that are interested in sales thinking early in life. After all, life is all about MLM and Sales.

Cesar Ramirez

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Well you have to ask yourself, “is my primary opportunity’s Product that is on auto-ship accumulating wealth for myself and my team?” Name 1 company where their product overtime increases in value as an asset. Soaps, services, travel, vitamins, juices, creams, potions, magical berries, don’t worry…I’ll wait…… Name one! Never done before in the home business arena. Take a serious look because you will be wishing you would of..should of…then you should all over yourself. Go to http://www.GoldNSilver.biz and put your information in to receive further information and I will be connecting with you offline or online. Please respect my time for I only want to work with motivated inspired individuals. This isn’t a diaper division and I don’t baby sit adults, but I will show you a duplicate-able system.

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What Robert Kiyosaki and Mike Maloney says about Silver.