ES 004: Gillmoney’s Story of how they went to full-time work at home parents

ES 004: Gillmoney’s Story of how they went to fulltime work at home parents

In Q4 of 2014, my wife Xochitl and I had the pleasure of reaching out to YouTubers Dave and Sarah Gillman.

They run a channel called Gillmoney and I really like their humble approach of reaching out and helping others. They are the great example of giving 80% free value. Maybe they offer more free value than 80% but what it comes down to is that they have helped us get excited in growing our eCommerce business finding goods offline as well as online through Alibaba and selling on Amazon. We took a lot of our online only drop shipping business of and started teaching what we learned of FBA to those folks on our team. We offer our own training there at EDS and we cover both selling on eBay as well as Amazon (For our advanced members)

Enjoy this episode of Embedded Strategies with the Gillmans.

Gillmoney Course – – How they’re making 6 figures+  a month.

Cesar Ramirez