Cesar Ramirez (DJ C-Zer)

This is a quick live mix I did on my 2 turntables. A mix of top 40, house, and freestyle music. I’ve been a DJ since 1996 professionally. I’ve loved music since I can remember :-). Music is a universal language that is spoken through bass, snares. I was actually a percussionist back in the school band. I always knew I wanted to do something with music and for many years it has paid well. I make an average of $100-$150 an hour doing what I love best. I know I can charge more, but $500-$800 a night is what keeps me competitive. I have a variety of music from the 1940s-today. Many DJs dedicate themselves at a single genre and that’s great. I believe the DJ should connect with his crowd and figure out what they love. It’s not about what the DJ likes to play. It’s about what the crowd likes to hear and move. You see, I don’t care of it’s Country, Dance, Hip-Hop, Disco, etc. If you’re not reading the crowd and they aren’t dancing, they’re not sticking around and more than likely you’re not going to be invited back to play at that venue.

I’ve done hundreds of weddings and night clubs in my life time. I’ve learned many great things about street knowledge and how to hustle to have cash in my pocket. This is just one of the many hobbies that keeps funding my other ventures. I enjoy what I do and it relieves a ton of stress :-). Fellow DJs, crank it up!

I also own an online radio station called http://www.SuperRadioMix.com. We’ve been in business since 2005 with my partner Mike (Da Chef). We enjoy playing music for the people. Like-minded thinkers tend to attract one another. It all goes back to the power of your influence. Network Marketing.

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